Scrape Your Tongue on National Kissing Day

Did you know that there could be over 500 types of bacteria hanging out in your mouth at any given time? Not really something you'd want someone to notice, especially on National Kissing Day, is it?

Fortunately it can be super easy to maintain fresh breath using this very affordable tool…whether you plan on doing some kissing or not.


The tongue cleaner has been around for thousands of years, and was (and still is) commonly used in India as part of Ayurvedic practices. They come in a variety of styles, are often made from metal or plastic, and can be as inexpensive as $3 as your local drugstore (I found mine at CVS).

The process is simple: after brushing your teeth, use the tongue cleaner to scrape out the remaining residue and build-up on your tongue (yes, it’s often still hanging out there even if you brushed your tongue with your toothbrush). And adding this quick step into your hygiene routine comes with a number of benefits:

  • Most obviously, it removes bacterial build-up on the tongue. This bacteria is often the cause of bad breath.
  • It improves your sense of taste. Having that build-up on your tongue may prevent your taste buds from fully experiencing the flavors of food.
  • It minimizes cravings. When food residue is constantly on your tongue, it may cause you to have more cravings for that food. Scraping your tongue regularly can help manage those cravings.
  • It increases tongue sensitivity. If there’s constantly a film on your tongue, you’ll lose sensitivity. And that’s important for kissing, yes?

They’re becoming easier to find in stores (like I said, I picked mine up at a local CVS) but you can order them online as well. (disclaimer: that’s an Amazon affiliate link.). And since they’re so affordable, they’re a really cheap and convenient way to freshen up.

So, pop down to your local drugstore and then get back to celebrating!

Thanks for the Amazon link!

Thanks for the Amazon link! I've been meaning to get one since you told me about it awhile ago and then forget everytime I'm on the computer. I finally just bought one! :)

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